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Design and implementation of kitchens

We provide you with the design and implementation of different types of wooden kitchens for all spaces, with different shapes and additions. Other types of wood are used, such as:

  • 01 red beech
  • 02 musky wood
  • 03 oak wood
  • 04 Duco stained wood
  • 05 MDF wood
  • 06 Counter wood

Kitchen cabinets

Design and implementation of kitchen cabinets of all sizes and designs, using different types of wood against environmental changes One of the most critical features of Al-Saeed cabinets is that they are of high quality and one of the best types of wood treated against cracking, damage, and other problems. We can design and implement all shapes and sizes of kitchen cabinets to suit your needs.



Wooden sinks represent a unique piece of art. At Al-Saeed Kitchen Company, we provide you with high-quality wooden sinks that are not subject to damage over time and with unique designs. The most critical thing distinguishing Al-Saeed washbasins is that they are not damaged by water over time because they are coated with waterproof materials, thus maintaining their quality for the longest possible period.